What is Aroon Prime Trader

Aroon Prime Trader is Aroon's own trading system, with the world's top traders registered on the platform, competing for recognised trading strategy ranking.

Investors can connect to the trading strategies of experienced traders and copy trades to their personal accounts in a fully automatic mode with a single click to gain profit.

Investors can instantly find the best traders in the world with ranking views analyzed by Aroon Prime Trader.

Aroon Prime Trader is a good choice for stable investments because it allows you to diversify your portfolio by using multiple trading strategies to diversify your risk.

Features of Aroon Prime Trader

Over 300 Types of Strategy Providers

With our own data analysis and monitoring, we have built a global network that allows you to select from over 300 selected top-level strategy providers from all over the world.You can add it to your investment portfolio for free.

Close Your Positions At Any Time

You can close your positions and withdraw profits anytime.

Fastest Deposit/Withdrawal Support

Using only virtual currency (crypto currency) enables the world's fastest deposit/withdrawal method within 24 hours.

Ranking Displayed According to Analyzed Data

Referring to closed trade data of strategy providers, our ranking is based on expert analysis, you can instantly find the best traders in the world.

Set Your Own thresholds for Tolerable Loss

Set your own maximum tolerable loss, earn profit while minimizing and controlling risk exposure.

Adjust position Size Automatically

You can set the ratio between your account and strategy provider, adjust the risk and size of positions automatically based on capital.

Zero-Cut System

We use a zero-cut system, so you will not be charged for additional deposits if your margin goes negative.

Trading Environment

No need to install plugins or rent a VPS server. Aroon Prime Trader provides a fully automated trading environment.

Complete Support System

Our experienced and multilingual staffs (EN, PT, RU, ES, JA, CH, VI) are alway there to answer all your inquiries promptly.

Strategy Provider Ranking

3 Easy Steps To Start


open an account ( 10 seconds).


Add your preferred strategy provider to your investment portfolio.


Earn profit on a regular basis with automated transactions from your chosen strategy provider.

Fastest Deposit/Withdrawal Speed In The World!

To ensure our customers can trade with peace of mind, we provide the quickest possible service for deposit and withdrawal.

By using only virtual currency (crypto currency) for deposit and withdrawal, we have achieved a quick reflection within 24 hours.