Submission Of Required Documents

How And When To Submit The Documents

To open a FX account, you need to prepare your identification documents. Required documents differ from each company, we will explain how to submit these documents to open an account with Aroon.

Aroon does not require identity verification when opening an account. We offer speed account which does not need the submission of identity verification documents. By entering your name and e-mail address in account opening form, your account will be opened in 10 seconds and you can start trading any time.

Required Documents

Personal account

  1. Copy of identity verification documents (driver's license, passport, etc.)
  2. Proof of address (within 3 months from the date of issue)
    • Utility bills, credit card or mobile phone invoice, etc. [Documents containing the name and address of the registrant]

Above two points are required.

  • Be sure to include the corners of each document.
  • If you use a passport, please also submit the address page.
  • The address on the identification document must match the address on the proof of address.
    The address on the identification documents must be within valid period, and the proof of address document must be issued within 3 months.

Business Account

  1. Certified copy of company registry
  2. Copy of identification documents (driver's license, passport, etc.)

Above two points are required.

  • Be sure to include the corners of each document.
  • Certified copy of company registry shall be issued within 3 months, and representative identification documents shall be within valid period.

Submission Deadline

Please submit before making your first withdrawal request.
Please note that we cannot accept the withdrawal request if the required documents have not been submitted.
Please note that you will also need to submit required documents when bonus are granted.

Log in to My Page and go to "Personal Information Registration"
Upload required documents
After the documents are confirmed by us, the registration of personal information is completed.

In "My Page"- "Personal Information Registration", there is a form to upload the necessary documents.

  • Please note that the file size should be within 1MB each.