About Aroon

Customers are always our first priority! We guarantee to provide NO.1 Customer satisfaction.

Aroon is a financial services provider that provides the best financial services to investors around the world.
In order for forex beginners, as well as those who are considering trading Forex to trade with peace of mind, we provide with sincere and trustworthy services to our customers.
Furthermore, we aim to be a company that continues to evolve, always keeping in mind the needs of our customers.

Why Aroon

Popular Trading Tools

Easy trading with your smartphone. With the advanced system, you can trade anytime and anywhere.

No Transaction Fees

There are no transaction fees, no deposit fee, no withdrawal fee, no account maintenance fee, and no any other fees, or no hidden markups.

Complete Support System

We have experienced and multilingual (EN, PT, RU, ES, JA, CH, VI) staff in house to help you with any questions promptly.

Secured Money Management

Your money is preserved in a secure, segregated system at major banks around the world. Your money will never be lost. The zero cut system is applied to all clients on an equal basis, so there is no need to worry about the possibility of reversals even if your margin balance becomes negative.

Fastest Deposit And Withdrawal Support In The World

We use only virtual currency (crypto currency) to achieve the fastest depositing and withdrawing within 24 hours. We aim to build a trusting relationship with our customers.

Trustworthy Transaction

In order to create a convenient trading environment for our customers, we offer transactions without any re-quotes or contract rejections.

Fastest Execution Rates.

With the development of our unique dealing system, we have succeeded in achieving an amazing average execution speed of 0.37 seconds and execution rate of 99.56%, This system enables execution with pinpoint opportunities.

Account Opening Within 10 Seconds

Aroon does not require identity verification. By enterring your name and e-mail address in account opening form, your account will be opened in 10 seconds and you can start trading any time.

Aroon Prime Trader For Free

With just one click you have free and unlimited access to the world's best traders' trading strategies in Aroon Prime Trader.Forex beginners and busy traders can also gain profit in a easy way.