Trading Time

  • 24 hours trading online
  • Sunday 21:00 GMT - Friday 21:00 GMT

Online trading is available 24 hours, from anywhere in the world

Sunday 21:00 GMT - Friday 21:00 GMT

Forex Market Trading Hours

The forex markets open in many parts of the world, such as London, New York, Tokyo, and Sydney, when the markets are closed in some areas, it opens in other countries and regions so the market never sleeps.

Forex Market Active Time

Even though the market never sleeps, but it’s import to know the market active time.
There is more activity between 13:00-16:00 GMT, when both London and New York are running.
Please refer to the following to make the most out of the market.

Sydney Time GMT 20:00~22:00
AUD and NZD related prices are active

Tokyo time GMT 20:00-22:00
JPY related prices are active

London time 8:00-16:00 GMT
EUR,GBP related prices are active

New York Time 13:00-20:00 GMT
USD related prices are active

Aroon Trading TIme

Aroon's trading hours are Sunday 21:00 GMT - Friday 21:00 GMT.
During this time period, you can trade 24 hours a day on a dedicated platform.
You can not place orders besides the above time period but balances and transaction history can be viewed.

*Regarding Trading Time

Even if the market is closed in some areas, trading can be done in other markets, basically you can trade 24 hours a day, but before and after the NY market closes, The bank rate may jump unintentionally,therefore transactions cannot be performed。
This is intended to protect your trades from losses (spike gaps) caused by inadvertently widening spreads in the Forex market.

*Notes(restriction on trading timing)

Communication may be temporarily interrupted while using MT4, although the frequency may vary depending on the user's environment.
When communication is disconnected, you will not be able to place new orders and settlement orders, so we recommend that you specify a stop limit for each transaction. Please understand that even if you suffer a loss in the above cases, we cannot compensate you for the loss.
In addition,we may suspend your order if the market environment deteriorates, liquidity declines, or the bank rate jumps unintentionally.

Trading Time On Christmas & New Year's Holidays

  • Ends at 19:00 on Dec. 24.
  • Trading resumes at 9:05 on Dec. 25.
  • Ends at 19:00 on Dec. 31.
  • Trading resumes at 9:05 on Jan. 2.

Inquiries are accepted 365 days a year and replied in order.