Aroon Prime Trader

Aroon Prime Trader is Aroon's own trading system. More than 300 excellent traders who are selected by unique data analysis and monitoring method are competing on the trading strategy ranking.
Investors can connect to the trading strategies of experienced traders and copy trades to their personal accounts in a fully automatic mode with a single click to gain profit.

Main Features

  • Ideal for beginners and those who do not have time to trade on their own
  • You can select from over 300 trading strategies based on risk profile
  • You can create your own portfolio.
  • You can always settle your position at your own timing! ! !
  • Beginner can open demo account and trade with peace of mind
  • You can trade on smart phone, tablet or any other devices you prefer

Select Trading Strategy

Over 300 strategy providers can be screened and referenced based on various criteria. In addition, strategy providers undergo a rigorous screening process through independent data analysis and monitoring before being added to the platform.

Check Performance

You can obtain a monthly performance summary for each strategy provider. Each transaction made by the strategic provider is recorded in the transaction statement to provide full transparency.

Understanding Statistics.

We analyze each strategy provider based on several different metrics such as traded currency pairs, profitability and drawdown.

Create Your Own Portfolio

Rather than following one trading strategy, we recommend building your own portfolio by choosing multiple trading strategies based on your risk profile.

Full Control

You can stop your trading strategy anytime, or close and withdraw your position, you have full control!

Recommended Margin

The recommended margin is calculated based on trading data such as the number of positions held and gains-losses held by the strategy provider in the past.

  • The above is a recommended margin for healthy performance in selecting a trading strategy and is not necessarily a guarantee of trading returns or profit or loss.