How To Open An Account

Q. How to open an account?
A. By entering your name and email address in the account opening form, your account will be opened in 10 seconds and you can start trading at any time. Necessary documents can be submitted at a later date.
Q. How long does it take to open an account and start trading?
A. It takes only 10 seconds to open an account and start trading. It is easy for beginners and those who are considering starting overseas FX trading to use.
Q. What documents do i need to open an account?
A. To open your account, you need a copy of your identification documents (e.g. driver's license, passport, etc.) and a copy of address proof (e.g. utility bill, credit card bill, mobile phone bill, etc.). The address on the identification documents and on the proof of address documents must be the same. The identification documents must be valid, and address proof must be issued within three months. Please click here to see details
Q. Is there any inspection of my information?
A. We do not perform an inspection of your credit information. If you are over 18 years of age or older and can show the required identification documents, there are no restrictions. All transactions are at your own risk.

How To Deposit

Q. Is this safe to deposit money to overseas FX?
A. Aroon considers deposit and withdrawal to be the most important trading element and provides the fastest possible services for deposit and withdrawal. By using only virtual currency (crypto currency) for deposit and withdrawal, Aroon is able to provide a quick reflection time of less than 24 hours.Please see here for details.
Q. What should i do if I don't have virtual currency (crypto currency)?
A. Customer who doesn’t have virtual currency (crypto currency) can purchase virtual currency (cryptocurrency) with your credit card and deposit it directly into your Aroon account.(* Maintenance is in progress.)
Q. How long does it take to reflect the money to my account?
A. By using only virtual currency (crypto currency) for deposits and withdrawals, we are able to reflect your deposit within 24 hours. For more information, please click here.

How To Withdraw?

Q. How long does it take till the money is reflected to my bank account after withdrawal?
A. After confirming there is no error in your withdrawal request, it will be processed. By using only virtual currency (crypto currency), we can realize a quick reflection within 24 hours. For more information, please click here.
Q. Is it possible to withdraw or transfer funds while holding a position?
A. Withdrawals and transfers of funds are not possible while positions are held. Please make a withdrawal or fund transfer request after closing all open positions. Please note that the bonus amount will be zero at the time of withdrawal.

About the transaction

Q. What is the meaning of margin, credit, and balance?
A. Balance = amount you can withdraw, Credit = bonus amount, Margin = balance + credit. The amount you can trade is the amount of margin.
Q. Do you have an automatic loss-cutting system?
A. Yes, we will execute a loss-cut if the margin maintenance rate falls below 20%.
Q. My margin balance (account balance) became negative. Do I have to make additional deposits ?
A. No additional deposit is needed. In case the margin balance (account balance) becomes negative, we will reset the account balance to zero once when you make an additional deposit and reflect the full amount of your deposit.
Q. How do you manage the funds?
A. Your funds are held in secure, segregated accounts at major banks around the world. Your money will never be lost.
Q. Do you allow scalping?
A. We do not set any limitation on scalping. However, we may ask you to reduce the number of messages generated from your account if the volume is so large that it interferes with our server's ability to execute. We may also ask you to refrain from extreme trading, in some cases, take action in accordance with our Terms & Conditions.

How to use this service

Q. How and when can I get support?
A. We accept inquiries by e-mail. We will respond to you on the same day of your inquiry on weekdays. Please click here for details.
Q. Can I use Aroon's services even if my English is not very good?
A. Our support team speaks various languages such as English, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin and Vietnamese. Please click here for more information.