What Is Execution

The term "execution" is often used in forex trading, such as execution rate and execution speed.
Execution is the act of buying and selling in foreign currency trading, and it is important to compare the execution rates of different FX companies.
That means comparing the probability of a deal closing at your intended "price" or "timing".

In order to increase profits, the most important thing to keep in mind is to execute at the price you are aiming for.
It is also advisable for Forex beginners and first-time traders to have a clear understanding of the meaning of "execution (ability and rate)" before proceeding with a trade.

Maximum profit from small volume with up to 300x leverage

99.56% within 0.37 seconds. Amazing execution speed

Honest trading with no hidden fees

No additional deposit request for negative balance accounts

Automatic loss-cut until the margin maintenance rate falls below 20%


Execution refers to the process from placing a trade order to the execution of a trade.
With our unique dealing system, we have succeeded in achieving an amazing average execution speed of 0.37 seconds and execution rate of 99.56%.
We offer the industry's highest execution rates to our clients.


Traders can place market, limit, and stop orders, and can place online orders via a dedicated trading platform anytime. We also have a dedicated MT4 platform for iPhone, Android, and tablets, allowing traders to trade 24 hours.
With an unlimited number of positions and up to 300⨉ leverage, clients who want to start with a small amount, or increase profit quickly can use our high-specification order entry system.

Notes (restrictions on order timing)

Connection may be temporarily interrupted while using MT4, although the frequency may vary depending on the user's environment.
When communication is disconnected, you will not be able to place new orders and settlement orders, so we recommend that you specify a stop limit for each transaction. Please understand that even if you suffer a loss in the above cases, we cannot compensate you for the loss.
In addition,we may suspend your order if the market environment deteriorates, liquidity declines, or the bank rate jumps unintentionally.

No Hidden Markup

Hidden markup is the collection of fees without the trader's knowledge.
Aroon always strives to provide fair, honest and transparent financial services. No hidden markup is charged. We guarantee a trading environment with proper and fair spread (fee).

Zero-Cut System

In the unlikely event that the margin balance (account balance) becomes negative, no additional margin will be required. When you make an additional deposit, the account balance will be reset to 0 first, and the deposit will be reflected.

You can make an active leveraged operation with peace of mind since no additional margin is required.

  • Please note that the trade will not be executed while the position is open.

Automatic Loss-Cutting

Automatic loss-cutting (liquidation) is an action that occurs automatically when the margin maintenance rate falls below a certain percentage in order to prevent further losses in case of rarely occurring sudden market fluctuations. By forcing settlement, your assets are protected.

We execute when the margin maintenance rate falls below 20%.